A Week of Bible Study, Competition, Food, and Fun

Early in the summer, since 2017 Trinity Church hosts a Vacation Bible School for children ages 5-12. Our numbers have increased each year, most recently to over 100 kids in 2019.

Paul's Journeys

Vacation Bible School 2020


Join us!

June 13-17

Entering K-5 to 6th grade

$10 per student to cover t-shirt and supplies

Location: Your own home!


Vacation Bible School 2019

  • Bible Study

    This year, we will study the Old Testament sacrificial system and discover what it teaches us about our salvation and worship.

  • Music Training

    The students will learn songs related to this year's theme, and along the way they will learn principles of music and of singing properly.

  • Craft

    The students will have hands-on creative activities to help solidify in their memories the Biblical truths that they are studying.

  • Exercise

    Every year the kids have a blast with a variety of games and outdoor activities that get their hearts pumping and work out the jitters!

  • Food

    Snacks are available throughout the day, and lunch is provided everyday. This is not cafeteria food either! On Wednesday we have an extra special and fancy feast.

  • Competition

    Each student is placed on either the blue or the green team. Teams earn points by daily quizzes, Bible memory, team games, and other opportunities.

Join us!

June 17-21, 9:00-1:00

Ages 5 to 12 (entering K-5 to 7th grade) in four 2-year groups

$25 per student (max $50 per family)

Located at Kirkland Seventh Day Adventist facility, except on Thursday's carnival at Big Finn Hill Park (see maps below)

Everyone is invited to attend Friday's final program and lunch afterwards (no additional charge).

Kirkland Seventh Day Adventist

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Big Finn Hill Park

Thursday Carnival



That You May Believe

Studies of Jesus' miracles in the book of John.



Exodus Pathways

Studies of the stories of the book of Exodus after the exodus.

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