On Death and Dying

We just finished a four-week series on death and dying. The final thoughts from the last sermon were these – "The man who can look death in the face and say “you are conquered” is the man who is now free to live. But to do so, that man must follow Christ to the grave. He must die to himself and his trite little idols of works and self-justifying salvation plans. He must die to placing God in the dock and on trial for being unfair or unjust. He must die to his own self-exalting or self-loathing for he must simply…

Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher

The Never-Failing Passport for our Prayers

“There is a way by which any man, however sinful and unworthy, may draw near to God the Father. Jesus Christ has opened that way by the sacrifice he made for us upon the cross. The holiness and justice of God need not frighten sinners and keep them back. Only let them cry to God in the name of Jesus, only let them plead the atoning blood of Jesus, and they shall find God upon a throne of grace, willing and ready to hear. The name of Jesus is a never-failing passport for our prayers. In that name a man may…

Posted on Saturday, March 29, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher

Preaching All of Jesus

“Every time the “shalls” and “shall nots” are preached correctly they bring proper motivation to the Christian’s obedience and give him a chance for assurance. They also pull out of hiding hypocrites and put them in front of a mirror so they can see who they really are. Assurance does not come from simply pointing to the objective work of Jesus, but it also comes from seeing the subjective work of Jesus in our lives. The evangelical preacher puts both of these before his congregation." -Peter Jones

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher