Fighting Temptation

The Christian discipline of fighting temptation is not about self-hatred, or rejecting parts of our God-given humanity. It is about celebrating God’s gift of full humanity and, like someone learning a musical instrument, discovering how to tune it and play it to its best possibility. At the heart of our resistance to temptation is love and loyalty to the God who has already called us his beloved children in Christ, and who holds out before us the calling to follow him in the path which leads to the true glory. In that glory lies the true happiness, the true fulfillment, which…

Posted on Monday, December 15, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher

Our One Business

“John the Baptist’s one business was to bear witness to Christ. He was the morning star which heralds the rising sun. When the sun appeared he had no more reason for shining. You cannot account for John except by Jesus: the one reason for John’s existence is Jesus. I wish it might be so with us; may we be able to say, “For me to live is Christ.” May our life be such that it cannot be understood apart from Jesus: take him away, and our whole character would become an inexplicable mystery.” – Charles Spurgeon

Posted on Thursday, December 04, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher

Working Out What God is Working In

We are justified by faith alone; but that faith, if it is genuine, never stands alone. It always brings forth a change of nature and therefore a growing change of works/lifestyle (James 2:14-17, 26). This is the ongoing work of our sanctification. It is also by faith and a work of the Spirit, not our flesh (Gal 3:3-4). And so we are to pursue holiness, not as an act of our individual will (or we are doomed), but as children of grace in whom the Holy Spirit resides. We are to put on the Lord Jesus and make no provision for…

Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatcher